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Buddhism has three sublime pess ons wich are : Buddha – Dharma – Sangha.

The Buddha is the one who  the truth of the four noble. Noble truths, attaineol the 4 noble truth the 4 noble frutits and niravana become the fist arahant in the whole world of sentiend beings,  so he has the title of germany…

   The Buddha of peryect englingtenment ( sammasambuddha) is unique, Then he praached the Dharma teaching sentient beings winth good conditions to save, also realized the truth of the four noble truth according to him, attained the 4 noble paths, the 4 holy fruth and niravana dêpnding on the pefection of each person’s ability people….

     The Dharma is the tree Dharma that the Buddha was enlightened with, he has the special ability to create a language to teach sentient beings to understand and practice in accordance with his teaching, to bring benefits, evolution, peace in the present life, future lives and especially to reach the ultimate gool of nirvana freeing from suffering, birth and death, reincarnation in the three worlds

The Dharma has 10 dharmas : french study ( pariyattidhamma),  9 law of the super three realms ( navaloku ttasadhamma)  (4 saints path + 4 saint fruth + 1 niravana).

       The Sangha are the saints, disciples, of the Buddha, who practiced according to his teachings and became a saint.

In Buddhism, Thanh Van has 4 pairs into 8 saint ( calculated according to the mid of super three realms).

Four pairs :sants duo – matching saint fruit :

   Entering the holy path – entering the holy – fruit of the holy path – entering the holy fruit .of the holy path – the holy fruit,of the holy path – the holy fruth. Of the holy path of the holy spirit – Arahant of the holy fruit.

     Eight saints : 4 saints – 4 saints.: sotapattimmaga sakadagamimagga, noble path anagamimagga noble path arahant, sotapattiphala, first – returner, sakadagamiphala ,non -returner, Arahant… If calculated according to the saint ( ariyabuggala)…. The are 4 levels, sotapanna, one – returner ( sakadagani)  ,non – returner (( angami), Arahant.

In Buddhism, each sage is the result of the perfection of practices that have been accunmu lated from many lifetimes and eons in the past, up to the present life. In past lives, each of them has planted a good relationship with the past Buddha or with the disciples of the past Buddha.

  In the present life, each person comes to the Buddha or his disciple, listens to the Dharma, then conducts the practice of wisdom me dattition, leading to the resutt of attaining the sainthood from low to high as follows :

In the wordly wise person conducts windom meditation, leading to the realization of the truth of the four truths, the attainment of the noble truth of streem – entry, the noble fruition and the Nirvana, and the becoming a so – called steem – winner he is the first saint in Buddhism.

  In the streem – entry saint continues to practice – wisdom meditation, leading to the realization of the truth of the four noble truths, the attainment of the noble path of non – returning, the noble fruth of non – returning and Nirvana, and the be becoming saint of non – returning, the is the secomd noble one. There in Buddhism.

  If the non – returner continues to practice meditation, leading to the realization of the truth of the four noble truth, the attainment of the Arahant, the fourth highest noble in the world Buddhism.

   Each saint realiles the truth of the four noble truths according to the Buddha’s instruction, and the attainment of each Saint’s livel is entirely due to the perfection of each sant ‘s, due to the perfection of each saint due to the time of creating the three Dharmas – paramita is different, the capaclty of 5 Dharma masters ( faith, effort, mindfulness concentration, wisdom) is difecet. There fore each saint has diferent special abilities. When the Arahant com to annihilation of Nirvana and end the suffering of birth and death, they are all the same.

Each saint realizes the truth of the four noble truth according to the Buddha’s instruction, and how to attain each saint that is to become on ordiary saint Thanh Van Giac, or a saint great Thanh Văn Giac, or the supreme saint Thanh Van Giac is entirely due to the wishes of each saint who has made a vow in past lives. If anoyne as pires to become the great saint of Thanh Van Giac, then it is necessary to have a definite prediction from the Buddha in the past to achieve it.

Each Boddhisattava Thanh Van Giac has a difference in how quickly or how long it takes to creat the 10 perfection of practice :

1. The perfection of almsgiving.

2. Keeping precepts paramita.

3. Renunciation paramita.

4. Wisdom paramita.

5. Perfection of effort.

6. Paramita patience.

7. True perfection.

8. The perfection of aspiration.

9. Mind from perfection.

10. Mind discharge paramita.

Due to the different old or weak capacities of the 5 Dharma lords $ faithful Dharma lord, Dharma lord magistrate, Dharma lord remem brance, Dharma lord samadhi and Dharma lord’s wisdom), when attaining to each sage, you have the abilftus to specially different. How ever, at the end of life, the Arahant’s pass away Nirvana end all sunfferings birth and death, birth and death in the three worlds and your species are all exactly the same…..